Join The 100

Membership in 100 Black Men of Savannah, Inc. consists of men from all walks of life who share a commitment to preparing Savannah youth for the challenges of adulthood. They lead by example, commit their time, abilities, and resources to our mission, and are actively engaged in our program committees.

We welcome inquiries and applications for membership from men of good character who have a commitment, time, and resources to strengthening our communities and mentoring our youth.

If you are interested in making a difference in working with Savannah’s young people and are willing to contribute your time, and resources to the mission of the 100 Black Men of Savannah, Inc., we would welcome the opportunity to consider your membership application.

Candidates for membership must:

  1. Submit an application for membership either by completing it online or by request it from our Membership Committee;
  2. Provide two personal letters of reference;
  3. Provide a head/shoulders passport-size photograph; and
  4. Complete a confidential criminal background investigation.
  5. Mail your complete membership application packet to Membership Committee, 100 Black Men of Savannah, Inc., PO Box 14606, Savannah, GA 31416-1606

Upon receipt of your materials, arrangements will be made for a confidential meeting with our Membership Committee and, upon the recommendation of the Membership Committee, a meeting with our Chapter president or vice president.
For further questions about membership in the Savannah 100, contact our Membership Committee at